Liebe Geschwister


Rick Joyner schreibt, dass "die Frauenfrage" (welchen Platz, welche Aufgabe und welche Rolle sie im Leib Christi spielen sollen nach dem Willen des Herrn) zu einem der größten Streitpunkte im Leib Jesu werden wird.


Für mich geht es bei der Aufgabe des Leibes Jesu vor allem auch um neues Leben und Wachstum und wenn wir uns allein im Natürlichen ansehen, wie fundamental wichtig dabei die Rolle der Frauen ist, wird der geistige Bereich dann, was die Wichtigkeit der einzelnen Geschlechter anbelangt, so sehr anders aussehen ?


Sicher nicht ganz einfach ist, was ich diesmal an euch weiterreichen möchte. Doch ich spüre wie der Herr vermehrt für die Kinder, Jugendlichen, alten Menschen und gerade auch für die Frauen sich erhebt und daran geht ihnen Raum zu schaffen innerhalb seines Leibes. Und ich finde, es ist höchste Zeit ...


Ich wünsche Euch den wunderbaren Segen des Herrn,

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A Word through Jim Goll

Women of Faith in the New Testament Church

• Acts 18:2, 18, 26 Rom. 16:3 1 Cor. 16:9 2 Tim. 4:19 - Priscilla

• Acts 16:14,15,40 - Lydia

• Col. 4:15 - Nympha

• Acts 21:8, 9 - Four Prophesying Daughters of Phillip

• Phil. 4:2, 3 - Euodia and Syntyche

• Rom. 16:1, 2 - Phoebe

• Rom. 16: 7 – Junia

(This is not an exhaustive list, but a brief overview of a few women mentioned by name.)


Prophetic Prospective -
"It’s Time to Release the Whole Army"


What General when going to war, would order 60 percent of his army to stay home? Yet, in effect this is exactly what happens so often in the life of the church. Some years ago I read that 60 percent of all church members are women and that 80 percent of all intercessors are women. Does it not make sense then that we should recognize and release the largest part of God’s army to wage war on His behalf and minister to a lost world in His Name? It’s time to empower all the members so the Body of Christ can advance.

Dr. Fuchsia Pickett, noted author and teacher, states it this way. "It is difficult to estimate the damage that has been done to the Body of Christ because of prejudice against gender. What giftings, ministries, consolations, and virtues have been inadvertently robbed from the Church because of strong prejudicial discrimination against the female gender. And what overt harm has been perpetrated on the Church because of women’s harsh reactions against the limitations placed upon them that frustrated their expression of the giftings of God in their lives."

I simply declare, "It’s Time to Release the Army of God. Let secure men arise who will release Women in the fullness of their destiny in Christ!

- Jim Goll -

Revelatory Teaching
- Women at the Forefront of the Church

The New Testament makes it clear that women were at the forefront of the birth and growth of the Church. Consider these Bible statistics:

• A Samaritan woman was one of the first to proclaim the gospel when she told the people of her village about Jesus (Jn. 4: 25-29, 39).

• It was women who were the last to leave the cross (Jesus’ disciples scattered when He was arrested.) They also were the ones who watched to see where Jesus was buried (Mk. 15:40, 41, 47).

• It was women who were the first to come to Jesus’ tomb on the third day (Mt. 28:1; Mk 16:1, 2; Lk. 24:5-10; Jn. 20:18).

• It was women who were the first to declare that Christ was risen (Mt. 28:5-10; Mk. 16:9, 10; Lk. 24:5-10; Jn 20:18).

• Women were part of the group in the upper room who "were continually devoting themselves to prayer" (Acts 1:14) in preparation for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.

• It was a woman, Lydia, who was the first to respond to the gospel in Europe (Acts 16:14).

May hundreds of humble yet bold, submissive yet powerful, gifted yet ethical women on the frontlines emerge once again!

A Piercing Word of Confirmation - Prejudice Abounds
From the book, "THE THREE PREJUDICES" by Kelly Varner


"Men are afraid of women. Women are afraid to be women. Great male preachers won’t let females preach, dismissing them to the prayer room or nursery. At the same time these men unabashedly refer to themselves as the Bride of Christ!

The primary cause of male-female prejudice is insecurity, and the root of this weakness is the spirit of fear. Men and women are paranoid because they are unschooled in the Word of God. The Scriptures reveal the unique, divinely ordained roles of each gender. Outside of the knowledge of these truths, a great wall exists." (From the book The Three Prejudices by Kelly Varner published by Destiny Image.)

A Word of Confession from My Heart

Women of the church, you have been shackled long enough! As a man in the church I want to confess to you that we, the men of the Body of Christ, have feared you and have clung tightly to our rights, our positions, and our functions out of the fear that we would lost them to you. In our insecurity and sin we have been unwilling to fully accept you as equals in the life and ministry of the Church. This might sound a bit brash, but in my opinion it’s time for the "good ole boys’ club" to come to an end! -- Jim Goll

A Prayer of Repentance - Father Forgive Us!

We have sinned and acted wickedly against our sisters in the body of Christ. We have wrongfully held them back from full participation in the life of the Church of which they are equal heirs. Forgive us, Lord, and release the light of revelation and change to come in Your Body. O Lord, release Your Daughters into their divine destiny